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Sean McCormick  with his Foldup cart & his R & R follow
cart...  - Abilene, Texas, USA.

 Hans Tourne (left), his SU cart and his 2g cart.
1st Boomoperator : Lieven Verbraeken. (middle)
2nd Boomoperator & radiomic tech : Ben Debremaecker. (right)
Pascal Armant, his Boomies & his Foldup cart.
         (with his cover) - France       

Jenn Hui & his Foldup cart.

John O'Connell & his VK cart.
Sydney, Australia

Boom Operator, Simon Batchelar with
Ludovic lasserre's Foldup cart.  UK.
Wang Zhi bin (Cloud) with his Foldup cart.
Shanghai, China
Geoffrey Wong & his SU cart.
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Dane Cody with his VK cart.
Danes self modifications include an add
on top and cover.
 Melbourne Australia.
         Brent Lestage & his SU cart.
                Mattapoisett, USA
Richard Paterson & his VK cart.
Perth & Kinross, Scotland

              Ben Osmo & his Mb cart
                    Sydney, Australia
             Matt McLarty & his SU cart
                 West Orange, USA
                Tony Bollas & his SU cart
                   Los Angeles, USA
          Mike Sexton & his Mb cart
              North Carolina, USA

Our good buddy DOP Laurie Gilbert,
from Malaysia, visiting Sydney.
Doing his impression of a Soundie...
                               Mixer_Jan Deca  with his SU cart - Belgium. 
                 Boom Operator_Lieven Verbraeken with his 2g cart - Belgium.
   Eren Sener & his Mb cart             
Sydney, Australia

Lawrence Chick & his Foldup cart
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
                           Nick Emond and his  Foldup cart. Australian outback.
Rolf Manzei & Boom op Hagen with
Foldup cart. Hamburg, Germany
Jason Fyrberg with his compact SU cart
Watertown, USA
                     Boom Op Hasan Sayan withLudovic Lasserre & Foldup cart Kim Byoung-chul &his SU cart.
Seoul, South Korea

Pete Arias & his SU cart.
Los Angeles, USA
Michael Mader, his SU cart and his 2g cart.Brisbane, Australia.      

Ben Vanderpoel & his VK cart.
Auckland, New Zealand

Joe Bohannon & his compact SU cartPhoenix, USA

Peter Swan is not an authorised RastOrder dealer.
He just collects them.
Sydney, Australia
Terry Kelly (Skeet) & his SU cart.
Sydney, Australia.
 Andrew Sissons team - Ron Grimmer-left & Cie Frampton-Right with his 2g - United Kingdom  A YOUNG Phil Keros doing time at his SU cart...Australia                             Tully Chen from Israel with his foldup
                 Nuriskandar Hamzar & his Mixer Bag cart.  Singapore.

Sham Lai Ting  (Peckle). Student mixer with Foldup cart.
      The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

                               Flying Dragon & their 2g cart

        Fred Enholmer & his VK cart. New Zealand