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Buying from RastOrder

Direct Buy;

You order by email – we send you a Pro Forma invoice.

You pay – either by credit card through our payment portal (Secure Pay) below. Or by direct deposit to our bank account (details on Pro Forma).

We pack & ship – As soon as we have confirmed your payment.

We send – You a tax invoice/receipt & shipment tracking number.

Direct debit: We accept payment in Australian dollars to our bank account with all fees paid. Details on invoice. 
Credit card:      .......... Pay here with invoice.........Click on Secure Pay.      


You can purchase from a local dealer if there is one near you.

I encourage you to support a local dealer.

In Australia – Lemac   http://www.lemac.com.au/default.aspx  

In Brussels, Belgium – Audiosense   http://www.audiosense.be/

The price you pay from a local dealer should be the same price you pay direct from RastOrder.

Please only ask us for a quote if you need a formal one for an institution or such like.

And please specify who it needs to be directed to.

All prices are on the Specification pages of each cart, along with a shipping guideline.

Accessory prices are on the “RastOrder Other Products” page

http://www.assg.org.au/- Australian Screen Sound Guild (ASSG).

http://jwsoundgroup.net/  - Sound community discussion group.

http://www.legacy.com.au/ - Thanks for the ballet lessons.

http://www.lockthegate.org.au/ - Protecting our common heritage Australia - our land, water and future