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The Foldup Cart

Specifications and Price

This cart is a small lightweight FOLDING cart: 

It doesn't have rack rails at the front.

Rack equipment may be placed on the shelves. - see shelf measurements below.

The cart folds up in one easy action for convenient transportation and the wheels have push button, quick release axle/hubs.

It is made from aluminium and powder coated low sheen black.

Its light weight enables it to be deployed in inaccessible places where a larger cart would be logistically challenging.

It is designed to be moved about on its large rear wheels and shuffled about on its castors...


Overall height 1020mm (44”)

Height to top full shelf 865mm (34’’)

Height to 2 shelf (extended) 660mm (26")

When folded with wheels off.  H=1170mm (46")  W=505mm (20")  D=280mm (11") This includes handle & castor protrusions.

Weight 14kg (30lbs)


It has 4 full trays permanently attached, which fold. Plus a top half shelf that goes on over the two main side uprights. 

This half shelf is reversible and removable.

Shelves (1,3 & 4) 450mm (17 ¾’’) W, 350mm (13 ¾’’) F to B, 25mm (1’’) H

*** 2nd shelf down is extended (450 x 450mm).

There are 2 nuts protruding into the sides of shelves from the front uprights which restrict the internal width to 430mm (just under 17").
They are at the very front of the smaller shelves, but are back 100mm (4") on extended shelf.

Height available between shelves – starting from top full shelf, down        

200mm (7 ¾’’), 240mm (9 ½’’), 320mm (12 ½’’)

This height between the top and 2nd (extended) shelf may compromise view of meters on a larger slide fader mixer.


12 inch sturdy plastic, solid spokes and with quality pump up tyres. Push button, quick release axles.

16 inch aluminium alloy rim & hub,  stainless steel spokes and with quality pump up tyres. Push button, quick release axles.

These wheels  are interchangeable on the cart.

Front castors are 3 inch lockable.


No accessories are supplied free with this cart.

Accessories to buy are;  Quick fist clamps,Toolflex clamps, Rastorder boom pole boxes and self supporting hooks which go over sides of cart. 

Holes, or rivet nut inserts - are on rear of cart - to attach boom pole boxes & clamps.

Freighting: (which includes a packing fee)

International air freight - by FedEx economy - door to door & includes customs broker. AU$400.00 to most countries. Check for confirmation.
Customer pays any duty or taxes inbound to their country.
To check duty/tax with your customs - quote harmonised code (of cart) 8716.80.00 with your customs.
Domestic freight - AU$200.00.    (plus GST)

 PRICE Powder coated low sheen black.

12 inch plastic spoke wheels with QR hubs/axles

16 inch aluminium alloy spoked wheels with QR hubs/axles



Plus 10% Australian Goods and Services Tax, if applicable.

Intellectual property 
In regards to this cart, the copyright in industrial design and the practical application of manufacture of that design
is the property of RastOrder P/L.
RastOrder P/L has registered cart designs