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The Mb Cart


Specifications and Price


Just you, your mixer bag, your radios and your boom pole.

Well maybe a bit of extra space for the camera op's battery's and the directors script.

You know maybe the camera op & director should buy their own – they could put their monitor on it.

The cart;

This cart is a great place to work from when you need to stand still for a bit. 
Cameras have tripods, now your mixer bag has a place to touch down.

It doesn't fold up  - It does come apart for shipment - both by me; and by you to locations.
Top & mid shelf attach to their own frames - which are bolted to the front and back upright frames.
Bottom shelf is screwed to rear upright frame & bolted to front upright frame using castor bolts.

It has a main top deck for the bag, with 2 shelves underneath. Offset handle at rear, with large removeable
hook just under it and boom pole mount beside it. Another boom pole mount in front and a hook 
position either side.

The mixer bag goes accross the cart so as to have unimpeded access to the sides and is worked at from the front.
The frame extends up, front & back. To secure your mixer you just need to hook the strap over either one.
Frame is made from 25mm (1") square aluminium.

Its designed to be wheeled about on its large rear wheels and shuffled about on its castors...

The Mb cart is not designed to work from the front, like a drama cart.
It is designed to work over the top of, with mixer bag in much the same position as it is when it's around your
neck/shoulder or in a harness. So you can boom and reach down to mix at the same time.
Sure it has a boom pole mount on the back - but more importantly it has one on the front - where you can
easily & safely rest your boom while you check levels etc. Plus an additional antenna mount on the side.
Cable hanging is also within finger tip reach.
Its a tripod for a mixer bag where you can stash it & your boom pole - and walk away without someone
tripping over it.
When its go time - headphones on with 2 hands, power on, grab the pole and open a fader - 2 easy.


Front to back including handle is 470mm (18 ½")

Frame width is 350mm (13 ¾")

Wheel width is 520mm (20 ½") with bike wheels.

Mixer bag shelf height is 730mm (28 ¾") from ground.

Frame height is 900 mm (35 ½") – handle extends to 960mm (37 ¾")   (with wheels on)    Handle not removeable.

Frame height (no wheels) 800mm (31.5") - handle extends to 860mm (33.75").    Handle not removeable.

Shelf  internals are 395mm (15 ½") F to B and 290mm (11 ¼") wide


Two wheel options are available. 

12 inch plastic spoked wheels with push button quick release axles/hubs.
16 inch aluminium alloy purpose built spoked wheels with push button quick release axles/hubs.

Weight of cart:

Nominal at around14kg (30 lbs)


Powder coated a low sheen black.


Free include  2 x 20/30 toolflex clamps which go above each other on one side for a 25mm antenna pole. Plus one bolted hook on rear.

Accessories to buy are Quick fist clamps, Toolflex clamps, boom pole boxes and bolted cable hooks, double cable hooks.
Rivet nut inserts are available on front, rear & sides of cart to attach accessories. 

Freighting:    (which includes a packing fee)

International air freight - by FedEx economy - door to door and includes customs broker. AU$350 to most countries. Check for confirmation.
Customer pays any duty or taxes inbound to their country.
To check duty/tax with your customs - quote harmonised code (of cart) 8716.80.00 with your customs.
Domestic freight - AU$150.00   (plus GST)

12 inch plastic spoked wheels & QR axles/hubs

With 16 inch purpose built alloy spoked wheels & QR axles/hubs




Plus 10% Australian Goods and Services Tax, if applicable.

Intellectual property 2004
In regards to this cart, the copyright in industrial design and the practical application of manufacture of that design
is the property of RastOrder P/L.
RastOrder P/L has registered cart designs.