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Production of the PDU has been suspended.
It will be re-designed in 2016 to take advantage of changes in technology.
Namely DC to DC converters.
Also the advancement and acepted use of modern batteries with higher voltage.
The aim will still be to provide a simple, uncomplicated, inexpensive & reliable
power distribution system with slightly more relevant options.
Accepts nomial 12V DC power via 4 pin XLR panel mount.
Four unregulated 12V outputs via 2A Hirose 4 pin connectors.
One switchable output, with voltage selection of regulated,4.5V,7.5V(for 6V application) or 9.0V.
Master on/off power switch.
Power on/low voltage LED.
Overload and short circuit protection - fused. Output rated as 5 Amps.
Spare fuse holder.

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