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DD cart: 


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                 The DD cart - somewhere between the Foldup cart and the Mixer bag cart.          Initially aimed at a mixer bag with a control surface

The DD consists of 2 x side frames connected by 2 x rear frames - These are bolted together. The shelves also bolt between the side frames.
The side frames have multiple holes to give some degree of flexibility in shelf placement.

It goes without saying that this cart is made of lightweight aluminium and professionally welded - as are all our carts...
Its a small cart, easily picked up and carried around. Perfect for those small locations, or a compact setup.

It does not have extending rear handles, mainly because the top of the cart at one metre high would require bending over to use the handles for most people.
Instead you will find the top rear bar makes a suitable handle.

DD comes standard with Sliding mixer shelf, lockable castors & dual folding monitor mounts.

Wheels are push button, quick release, 12 inch plastic spoked with quality tyres and thorn resistant tubes.
Powder coated in a very low sheen black.
Pictured here with the Foldup cart and the Mixer bag cart, it gives a good comparison of its size and layout.
                                     This is an older picture and shows the DD without a sliding shelf. The sliding shelf is now standard.