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The RMC cart is returning.
It will largely be a title for varients, including its core design principal of supporting rack cases.
Varients ill consist of separate top & bottom modules. - eg; - bottom module 1, with top module 3...
This seems to me a way to take on some personal designed work flows for people.
Please understand I am not really interested in re-inventing the wheel, or completely designing your workflow to suit some imaginary cart.

RMC variant 5 I built for Video Assist Operator, Simon Currie.
It comprises - Bottom module 1/Top module 1.

RMC Variant 6.
It comprises - Bottom module 2/Top module 2
20 inch large wheels_7 inch castors_Wheelchair brakes on large wheels_2 modules_Upside down handles with omni directional wheels_
roller wheels for top module_inboard rack strip for stepped equipment placing & monitors out of sunlight.
For Sale - AU$2200.00 ex GST

Below are pictures of the original RMC.


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