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The VK cart

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                               RastOrder VK cart, the crossover cart - the bag cart or the rack cart - or somewhere in between...

                                               LIMITED FREE ACCESSORIES - See Specification page.

VK _ 2 Modules - too easy.

SUGATSUNE stainless steel sliders

20" wheels go almost anywhere.
Chromed steel side mounted axles_stainless steel spokes_aluminium alloy rims_premium FAT tyres.

3" roller wheels

    4" castor wheels
VK is rack width.
VK only has rack strip in bottom module.
VK Bottom module is square & empty - for you to fill up.
VK Mixer shelf is frame mounted (same width as SU)
VK has removeable shelf in top module, 2nd one down.
VK includes folding & removable rack brackets for
      dual monitors.
VK includes roller wheels for top module.
VK has 2 boom mount positions on rear.
VK has 2 antenna mount positions on sides.



                 Nick Godkin's VK in sit down mode                            Nick Godkin's VK in stand up mode                 Anders Niva's VK in crossover mode
        Fred Enholmer's Vk in stealth mode                                          Nick Emond"s VK in Outback mode                          Nick Emond's VK in City mode