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The VK Cart




This cart is compact, medium size cart, with rack strip and still with large wheels.

This is a crossover cart - between a bag style setup and a more formal rack style setup.

The carts consist of two modules stacked one on the other;

They are bolted together through the side frames by plastic star knob, bolts & nuts.

The frame construction is of 25mm (1 inch) square aluminium tube. 

This design allows you to separate the two modules for travelling in the back of a station wagon or four-wheel drive, with the equipment staying on the cart and in a horizontal position.

The bottom module is welded together. The top module bolts together.

Rack strip:    The VK cart is rack width. It has rack ears only in the bottom module. The bottom module is completely empty except for an open fronted 
storage shelf on the very bottom.  This is 475mm W, 480mm deep & 80mm high.    Cage nuts/screws (40) are supplied free  along with a cage nut insertion tool.

Dual Monitor rack ears.
Included are 2 removeable, folding rack brackets (3ru) for your dual monitor. They screw onto nut inserts in the top side frames.

Standard wheels are:       
Twenty inch (505mm) purpose built - side mount - Stainless Steel spoked – aluminium alloy rims - premium fat tyres.
Front castors, 100mm (4 ‘’) with brake.

There are 4 roller wheels (75mm-3") on top module to facilitate ease of placement into vehicle separately.


***The extreme external wheel width is 700mm (27.5 inches).

The main frame external measurements are 500mm (19 ¾") Front to Back and 540mm (21 ¼") wide. 

Overall height  1140mm (44 ¾") without monitor brackets. 1185mm with monitor brackets.

Top module height 505mm without monitor brackets. 550 with monitor brackets. Roller wheels add another 25mm.

Bottom module height 635mm.


The top module.

The top half shelf is 200mm (8") deep. This allows for most mixer bags to stand on the full shelf, utilising a depth of 300mm (11 ¾").

The main full shelf at 500mm (19 ¾") deep has been dropped down. This allows most mixer bags to lay on their backs on this shelf, utilising a height of 275mm (10 ¾").

In this section there is included a (removable/replaceable) shelf for use in more formal setups. 450mm (17 ¼") deep & 485mm (18 ¾") wide.
Bolted to nut inserts in the frame, it has 2 ht settings.

The standard sliding VK mixer shelf has external dimensions of  460mm (18") W – 480mm (18.75") D - 115mm (4 .50") headroom 
(with headroom being the space from bottom of shelf tray to shelf above). The shelf extends out 330 mm (13") on 14" sliders.

The bottom module.
 Is square shaped and completely empty, with rack ears front & back.

At the bottom is an open fronted storage shelf. 475mm (18 .75") W, 480mm (19") D, 80mm (3") H.

Weight:            Nominal at around 25kg  (56lb)  

Painting:       Powder coated a charcoal grey metallic.

A bicycle pump & repair kit, a 6mm Alan key and a 19mm axle bolt spanner are free.

Accessories; You can buy.

 Hooks, antenna/boom boxes, antenna/boom holders, coffee cup holders.

Holes or rivet nuts are on rear and sides of cart to facilitate accessories.

Rear and sides facilitates boom pole boxes at the bottom and Toolflex 30/40 or Quickfist at top.

Freighting:    (which includes a packing fee)
International air freight - by FedEx economy - door to door & includes customs broker.
VK - AU$600.00 to most countries - Check for confirmation.

Customer pays any duty or taxes inbound to their country.
To check duty/tax with your customs - quote harmonised code (of cart) 8716.80.00 with your customs.
Domestic freight within Australia - AU$300.00.  (plus GST)

Prices: VK two module cart

With side mount 20 inch spoked wheels,
fixed, sliding mixer shelf.

   September 2019 - AU$2000.00

Plus 10% Australian Goods and Services Tax, if applicable.

Intellectual property 2004
In regards to this cart, the copyright in industrial design and the practical application of manufacture of that design
is the property of RastOrder P/L.
RastOrder P/L has registered cart designs.